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Extreme conditions to which wind turbines are subjected can cause breakage, but also lead to a loss of precision of measuring instruments or reduce the overall productivity of the turbines. Over the years, an upgrade of equipment or an accurate adjustment of numerous components exposed to harsch conditions makes it possible for each wind turbine to recover its full efficiency, for constant energy profitability.

Lotus DryTM Icephobic Coating Solution for Blades

Wind turbines are exposed to the elements which sometimes produce icing phenomenon. Ice accumulation on wind turbine blades is particularly problematic, as it can lead to damage and even shutdown of the wind turbine, resulting in energy loss production. Unlike Lotus DryTM, some de-icing systems require electricity to be redirected to the heating device inside the blade to melt ice on the surface. In addition to consuming energy to overcome the phenomenon of icing, the stationary wind turbine equipped with these systems does not produce energy.

The application of Lotus DryTM Icephobic Coating Solution, a technology exclusive to TECHÉOL, increases production in cold weather where frost and ice conditions can considerably affect the performance of each wind turbine.

This custom-developed formula tested by an independent laboratory limits the accumulation of ice when stopped, facilitates ice shedding at start-up or during production, while reducing premature wear of mechanical components due to the weight of ice.

● 1 coat application without rotor dismantling
● Prevents the accumulation of ice and facilitates its shedding
● Reduces production losses caused by forced shutdowns
● Increases performance
● Prevents premature wear caused by the weight of the ice
● Increases overall turbine efficiency and equipment life


Lotus Dry®, a technology exclusive to TECHÉOL, offers a quick return on investment. Request our case study today. 


NERGICA, a renewable energy research center, and LIMA / AMIL, an independent
laboratory affiliated with UQAC, conducted on-site tests in real life conditions as well as in laboratory to demonstrate the effectiveness of Lotus DryTM and its many benefits for wind farm managers.

The performance of the anti-ice solution as well as its finish are proven for a period of 3 years following its application, or even up to 5 years depending on the environmental conditions of the sites.



Lotus DryTM is a nanotechnology-based solution.

It is these microscopic particles with specific characteristics, absent in larger chemical compounds, that make Lotus DryTM so powerful. The various surfaces treated with coatings made up of nanoparticles have been able to demonstrate during our research solution’s particularly beneficial properties. It is in this context that Lotus DryTM has proven to be a nanotechnology solution-based with great potential for the wind industry, where ice and frost issues represent constant challenges for wind farm operators.

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