Wind turbine maintenance

Your wind farm requires regular maintenance in order to be as productive as possible. When a part breaks, the downtime must be a short as possible in order to reduce lost productivity. TECHÉOL inc. understands your challenges. We know that as a wind farm operator, you must rely on safe, efficient and reliable equipment at all times. We provide maintenance and repair services under the same roof to help you maintain a high level of production.

Wind turbine inspection


Identifying problems before they happen helps to significantly increase your wind park’s productivity. Our wind turbine maintenance technicians have advanced expertise in electrical and mechanical component inspection. They can detect anomalies before a wind turbine component has a major failure.

Our inspection procedures are rigorous and safe. First we prioritize which components to inspect, then our qualified electricians and mechanics perform visual inspections as well with instruments.

Nothing is left to chance. Our inspection report provides an overview of all the maintenance to plan for your wind farm.

A foolproof wind turbine inspection service :

  • Gearbox and mechanical components inspection
  • Electrical circuit and panel inspection
  • Oil analysis
  • Detailed inspection report and recommended maintenance

Wind turbine maintenance


TECHÉOL inc.’s wind turbine maintenance service is the most comprehensive in the industry. Whether you’re a wind farm owner or an operator, our independent, rigorous teams ensure high-level component maintenance no matter what model of wind turbine you have.

Scheduled maintenance ensures that devices and equipment perform properly. Our wind turbine maintenance technicians can maintain your equipment regularly according to your production calendar. Downtime is reduced to a minimum and is planned in such a way as to not hinder the wind farm’s productivity.

Furthermore, you can look at the maintenance follow-up list at any time to see what work has been completed or is yet to come.

A proven wind turbine maintenance service :

  • Annual or semi-annual maintenance
  • Gearbox and generator maintenance
  • Oil changes

Wind turbine repair


Electrical or mechanical repairs require meticulous planning with the aim of reducing the time required to work on the wind turbines and to optimize downtimes, whether they are planned or emergencies.

Techéol quickly repairs all types of breakage. Through our strategic partnerships with crane companies and local manufacturers, we can also do more complex work. Our team of experts can change components, generators, gearboxes, reverse rotors or perform aesthetic and technical repairs on composite components.

Our wind turbine quality control technicians are trained and equipped to deal with difficult climates and environments. Whether in rain or in snow, our experts respond quickly and in order to carry out the work required on your wind farm to ensure energy production—and your profitability—is maintained.


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