Maintenance specialists in wind turbine blades

Wind turbine efficiency is based on many factors, particularly composite blade quality. Unfortunately, erosion and weather conditions will cause normal wear and tear. The blades can also be damaged by ice or other weather conditions. A regular on-site visual inspection and preventative maintenance help reduce prolonged production shutdowns that would otherwise be required to perform important repairs.



Our qualified and experienced technicians are able to recognize the different levels of composite material wear. They can conduct a 360-degree inspection of the parts, from inside the blade towards the outside, paying particular attention to the joints and moving parts, based on customer requirement.

Through a detailed inspection of each blade on each wind turbine, our blade inspection technicians can identify the problematic areas to target first. An inspection report provides details of the kind of work to be carried out.

High-quality wind turbine blade inspection services :

  • Visual inspection of the blade interior
  • Telescopic inspection of the blade exterior
  • High-definition digital camera imaging
  • Detailed inspection report and recommended maintenance


The edge of the blades wears naturally because of erosion and weather conditions. You can avoid breakdown and unnecessary downtimes through planned maintenance, according to a TECHÉOL inspection report, and thus improve your production.

Our experienced maintenance technicians perform inspections and repairs in both the inside and outside of the blades. They can apply a coating or a film to restore the wind turbine’s quality. They establish priorities according to a planned maintenance schedule and based on the severity of any damage present.

Profitable preventative maintenance :

  • Erosion protection
  • All kind of crack repair


Sometimes composite components break because of ice or extreme cold. We know this kind of situation and we have become masters in doing quick, precise work. TECHÉOL’s experienced technicians are trained to respond efficiently to this kind of problem as soon as possible.

Our composite repair technicians work on several hundred blades per year. They are able to repair all kinds of damage. No matter how big the problem and its location on the blade, no challenge is too great.

The repair service is carried out by certified technicians for work at height from suspended platforms and with rope access. In addition, we provide detailed, precise work plans and reports that are done by our team of experts. With a work procedure adapted to your situation, your turbine will be quickly put back into service as fast as possible.

Top-notch repair service :

  • Tip replacement
  • Lightning damage repair

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