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We are TECHÉOL, a company specializing in wind farm technical services. The northern climate of the Gaspésie has nothing on us. This is where we have forged our unique expertise in wind turbine optimization, maintenance and repair since 2007.


Techéol in numbers

  • 10

    provinces and states served

  • 40

    wind farms serviced

  • 130

    employees in the field

  • 2000

    wind turbines repaired


High-level services

Our qualified personnel’s unmatched experience enables us to perfect our methods and to constantly improve our service offering. Our objective is to provide the industry’s most comprehensive wind turbine inspection, maintenance and repair service and we guarantee professional, superiorquality work.

  • Electromechanical

    To remain efficient and productive, your wind farm’s electrical and mechanical components require rigorous maintenance. Our qualified personnel can perform a comprehensive inspection of gears, rotors and wind turbines. In addition to performing preventative maintenance, we can also repair defective parts. Our very fast response times and our broad availability throughout Canada help reduce costly and unnecessary downtime.

  • Blade Repairs

    Natural erosion and weather variations greatly affect wind turbine blade performance and can even cause the turbine to completely shut down. Our wind turbine maintenance technicians are especially trained and equipped to detect cracks or weaknesses in composite blades in order to properly repair them. In extreme cases of composite breakage, we will completely refurbish the blades. Our goal is to return the wind turbine to service as quickly as possible.

  • Optimization

    Wind turbines are subjected to extreme weather conditions, causing breakage and measuring instrument accuracy. Over the years, the wind vane may misalign, causing lost wind turbine efficiency. Supported by the Wind Energy Techno Centre, which helped validate ACUVANE™ performance and our optimization methods, TECHÉOL has the right expertise and advanced equipment in order to keep each wind turbine fully effective for constant energy profitability.

We constantly evolve

  • Wind turbine safety

    Techéol provides an accident-free environment and we take all measures necessary in order to exceed the industry’s safety standards.

  • Training and certifications

    We provide advanced training to all of our employees in order to guarantee high-level services.

  • Continuous improvement

    Every day, members of our team are committed to improving our overall performance, to ensure our success as well as our customers' success.