Impressive knowledge in wind power

Since our beginnings in 2007, our management team has established solid business relationships with wind farms in the Gaspésie region and Canada. Day in and day out, we solidify our position as the leader in wind power services, while building a reputation founded on unfailing professionalism and quality. Through the constant acquisition of knowledge, new equipment and specialized partners, Techéol strives to become the leader for all the wind power industry’s needs across Canada. By establishing beneficial partnerships with our clients, we support the local economy, create sustainable jobs and promote renewable energies. The entire Techéol team works with heart and high energy in an industry that we are passionate about.

Warranty Service Providers

As the leader in wind power technical service, the largest players and equipment manufacturers recognize our expertise. We are authorized to provide warranty service for largest names in the wind power industry.

A highly
talented team

Our team of experienced wind energy technicians ensure superior quality professional work day after day. Our employees are trained and equipped to work in any environment and are not afraid of anything; they are ready to take on your challenges.

We work rigorously to become a trusted wind power service partner. We are recognized throughout Canada. Together, we do effective work to ensure your wind farm’s maximum productivity.


An inexhaustible source of quality

We firmly believe that our skilled technicians are the cornerstone of our quality commitment. Wind turbine safety, acquiring new knowledge through advanced training as well as continuous improvement have been a priority since our beginning.


The working environment in a wind turbine involves a high risk of accidents. This is why TECHÉOL inc. places high importance on specialized training and certifications for its team members. Our working at heights rescue certification is valid for various rescue systems and is suitable for different kinds of turbines and applications.

We are aware of the importance of the strict safety regulations required by most of the wind farms and we respect them to the letter. Every employee follows the industry’s mandatory procedures, such as locking out. Our employees must inspect all the personal protective equipment they are given each day. They must also have daily safety meetings in which all equipment safety risks are studied immediately.

Before any contract begins, our Health and Safety Coordinator will :

  • Assess all the risks associated with the various work.
  • Perform a rescue simulation, at minimum.
  • Inspect the rescue equipment.


Year after year, our technicians receive frequent training to be constantly able to better serve our customers.

Our technicians are certified for working at height, from suspended platforms and cranes. We have created our own training room with scaffolding so that our employees receive this training on site.

Discover our safety commitment


Driven by the desire to succeed, TECHÉOL inc. has quickly made a name for itself by applying a fundamental business principle: continuous improvement.

Our highly professional team builds solid relationships of trust with our customers and partners. Our high-level service has proved itself when managing large and complex projects. The efforts made to maintain a safe work environment puts employees first and encourages them to exceed expectations.

This structured approach within our work groups promotes overall performance, development and long-term success. Through our sustained continuous improvement efforts, we have become much more than a wind turbine service company. The Techéol brand now stands for quality, success and pride.

Let's work together!