Safety first

Our safety at first

The commitment of our wind power professionals to site safety is fundamental. The safety priority shown into a series of individual actions but also processes that involve the employer-employee parties. A commitment that allows our teams to be made aware of adopting and encouraging safe behavior for all, and of adhering to the programs in place with our customers as well.

Health and Safety Coordinator

TECHÉOL ensures the sound planning of its work under the supervision of the internal HSE coordinator. He provides training to new employees and upgrades older ones. Health and safety audits are carried out on site in order to confirm the understanding of work procedures by our wind professionals.

Health and Safety Committee

A health and safety advisory committee, which involves both technical employees and the employer, encourages discussions in regards to good practices or to be put in place in order to promote a safe workplace. These committees meet every quarter, are supervised by our prevention mutual and produce reports for the CNESST. The committee’s recommendations are shared with the team and follow-ups are carried out by our internal HSE coordinator.

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